50% of Online Sales to South LA Flood Victims

Cajun Lures would like to announce that we are donating 50% of our sales, placed through our website until 8/31. The money we raise will be donated to various Relief Funds and Organizations in the areas affected by the flooding across South Louisiana. The donations would aid in helping families rebuild their lives and supply goods that are needed. As Cajuns, it is in our nature to help our neighbors, as they would do the same for us. Help us Cajuns, help our fellow Cajuns.

Our parish, Vermilion Parish, was hit hard with heavy flooding. Many other parishes were hit hard as well. Many families are displaced, thousands of homes in need of repair, and many memories destroyed. As Cajuns, we work hard for what we own. We don't ask anyone for anything, if we can't get it on our own. We always tell our neighbors "Let me know if you need something!" And we always mean it. 

If you are thinking about stocking up lures for springtime or fall, now's the time to order. If you are an avid angler, and want to help out, this is the perfect opportunity. If you always wanted to try Cajun Lures but haven't yet, now is the time! Please Share!

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