Cajun Big Bass

Pre-Spawn Fishing

This is the time of year when many tail-end cold fronts roll in, with warm weather in between, especially in Louisiana. These signs tell the bass, it's time to move up to get ready for some love making! This also makes it a great time of year to fish! You'll find many big fish hanging out around areas of spawning grounds, just waiting for the right time to move up and do their thing. Areas such as ditches leading into a flat, channel swings near a flat, and grass or stump field edges can be very productive. These fish typically like to feed well before they exert their energy for the spawn time, so bulkier baits do well. The Bayou Bug its a great lure when fishing around bushes and grass, with it's bulky profile and crawfish imitation. Moving baits such as Spinnerbaits, Chatterbaits, and Swim Jigs will entice a big reaction bite, pair these baits with the Swamp Swimmer, and you'll have a Bon Temps! Next time you are on the water, give these techniques a shot and "Catch em on a Cajun!"
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