Mad Minna Swim Jig

Fall Fishing with the Mad Minna

The fall is one of my favorite times of year for bass fishing. There's not as many boats on the water because a lot of anglers are hunters or its football season and they prefer to stay home and watch some games. There's also not as many tournaments going on in the fall as there are in the spring time. The less boat traffic and pressure on the fish means, there's more for me to catch!

The second reason I love to fish in the fall, is because fish are usually feeding heavily. They are feeding heavily now, because they know winter is approaching, where they will be less active when the water gets colder. When the temperature starts falling and the days start getting shorter, the bass know its time. There's always a fish in close proximity to you that actively looking to eat.

One of the main forages they eat on, is Shad. They also feed on other types of forage, but the gold standard in the fall is mainly Shad. Whether fishing shallow or offshore, finding shad and bait, is the key to finding catchable fish. 

One technique I like to use to locate fish and eliminate water, is fishing a swim jig. The Swim Jig gets quality fish to bite, but of course it will get smaller fish to bite. Just the fact that it gets bit, makes it a great way to find productive water. I can put the trolling motor on high, cruise the banks, cast after cast, skip around docks, tress, etc. 

One thing I've noted over the years, is that compact jig trailers are important in the fall than the spring. Meaning you want a jig trailer, that doesn't have a large profile. I believe this is because bass are mostly feeding on shad, which is a smaller forage compared to say, a bream. Where as in the spring, they are more willing to eat bream over shad, and larger profile baits. 

This is where the Mad Minna comes in handy as a perfect fall fishing swim jig trailer. With a 3.5" length and slim profile, its got all the action you need to get the fish's attention and generate a bite. We designed the tail to have maximum action but it also sits close enough to the hook, that when a fish decides to take a bite, even on a short strike, he'll have a good chance of biting the hook!

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