Henderson Heat Tournament Entry

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Henderson Heat Tagged Bass Tournament by Team Voodoo and Cajun Lures

June 1st - August 31st

**When purchasing multiple entries, please state the names of each entry in the "Notes" section at checkout**

By Purchasing an Entry Fee, you hereby agree to these Rules:

1. To submit a fish for prize entry must register for the Henderson Heat Tournament and pay all fees associated therewith, prior to catching the eligible fish.
2. All participants must enter tournament 24 hours prior to fishing.
3. Participants must comply with all rules and regulations of the State of Louisiana and its Department of Wildlife and Fisheries governing the recreational harvest of fish.
4. No members of Tagging team are eligible to compete in tournament.
5. Tournament will begin at Safe Daylight on June1st until official sunset on August 31st.
6. Fish entered into competition for prizes must have been caught by a registered participant on conventional rod and reel, hook and line exclusively. Disabling or in any way subduing a fish before it is caught is prohibited.
7. Fish will be tagged and released in Henderson waters, however they can be caught in other bodies of water that are attached to Henderson. A fish caught in other bodies of water is eligible.
8. For a submission to qualify, said person who caught the fish, must call in for submission.
9. All persons will be subject to a Polygraph Test.
10. Protests must be submitted by email to cajunlures@gmail.com or judemek0214@yahoo.com prior to end of the tournament dates.
11. Prize winners are solely responsible for payment of any applicable taxes, fees and costs associated with said prize. Prizes awarded or paid out will depend on the compliance with all rules and regulations of the Henderson Heat tournament.
12. Sole responsibility for valid member status and correctness of this entry form rests on the entrant. All decisions of the Henderson Heat commitee are final and not subject to appeal.

13. For fish submission to be eligible, the angler must call or text in the number on the tag, to the listed phone numbers shown on the tag, while the fish is still alive. Photo evidence or Video evidence of the fish alive with tag will be required. A submission after fish is deceased will not be elegible.
14. If both numbers cannot be reached, please leave a voicemail message.
15. Tagged fish can also be brought to Cypress Cove Landing for tag submission during business hours. Cypress Cove Landing is located at 1399 Henderson Levee Rd, Breaux Bridge, LA 70517